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Opulence also helps with the search in education in Switzerland and around the world. Opulence Swiss Education Services can help you in:


- Academic Year with or without boarding

- Universities courses

- Boarding Schools

- Language courses

- Summer camps

- Winter camps 


With sports programs activities, Cultural and artistic activities, Academic and enrichment coursess


In order to make the right choice, Swiss Education Services, studies each case individually with parents and students and recommends the most appropriate school and program corresponding to the desires, the ability, the motivation and the vocation of each student.


To ensure the best and most efficient services, we are proud to count famous institutions and agencies in Switzerland, France, united Kingdom and around the world.


Swiss Education Services collaborates with more than 100 organizations. We do not impose our choice but, according to your wishes, we recommend a boarding school, university, a language course, a summer camp, winter camps best suited to student's needs.


You can contact us for more information, or check our website for Swiss Education Services to check our different events and programs.

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